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Navigation to the glaciers

Navigate to the glaciers and live a unique experience

From Nibepo Aike you can make two navigations to explore corners of the National Park and visit different glaciers: Aventura excursion and Pioneros excursion. Both excursions are operated by the company Glaciar Sur.

Visit the Glacier from Nibepo Aike

Those who are staying with us will be able to visit the imposing Perito Moreno Glacier, sailing to and from the ranch. 

Glaciar Sur Aventura

Navigation of the South Arm to its southern end. Disembark and start the hike inside Los Glaciares National Park. After a slight climb into the forest, we arrive at a natural viewpoint of Frías Lake, named after the glacier that used to cover this area. You descend to the shore of the lake to board a semi-rigid boat, cross the lake and reach the other shore, where the 3 miles hike begins until you reach the Grande, Cubo and Dickson or Frías glaciers, which release their ice into a lagoon. A unique, wide and exclusive landscape. In this amphitheater of glaciers (that were originally all part of a large glacier, the Frías), it’s time to admire, take pictures and have lunch. In the afternoon, the path is retraced, but the views are different. Hike 6 h / 9 miles, with very little slope.

Glaciar Sur Pioneros

Navigation after lunch at Nibepo Aike along the South and Rico Arm of Argentino Lake to Las Monedas Beach, which can only be reached by our boat. Walk through the forest, a pristine area. The trail goes into the lenga forest, until the first view of the Perito Moreno Glacier surprises. You navigate along the front of the glacier, an opportunity to observe the ice calving and appreciate how its front approaches and sometimes mounts on the Magellan peninsula, generating a natural dam. Disembark at Bajo de las Sombras port, from where the vehicle will take you to the 4 miles distant footbridges. Time to walk them to have different angles of the wall of the Perito Moreno Glacier before returning to El Calafate by vehicle or by boat to the ranch.

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