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Country day

An authentic experience of rural life

You will learn about the history of the ranch and the pioneer family that still manages it today, admire the gaucho skills and watch a shearing demonstration. You will enjoy a hike or horseback ride to La Angostura, where Roca Lake and Argentino Lake meet, to finish with an unforgettable lunch, the traditional Patagonian lamb barbecue.

Duration: 5 hrs of stay at the residence and 2:30 hs of transfer, approximately.

What does the excursion include?

Reception with hot drinks and fried cakes (traditional Argentinian thin dough, made with flour, oil and water) or homemade pound cakes, a walk around the old historic farmstead, sheep milking, herding and shearing demonstration and reins test.

Lunch: Lamb barbecue with salads, dessert and a drink.

*Optionals: Transfers from El Calafate and horseback riding.

Important Information

Daily departures in the morning. Operation date: from September 15 to May 15.

Optional: transfers from El Calafate and horseback riding of 45 minutes or 3 hours.

*The horseback riding is only for people over 10 years old.

We preserve the essence of the old Patagonian ranches

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