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We keep the essence of the old Patagonian ranches

The Croatian Santiago Peso arrived in Argentina at the beginning of the 20th century and settled in the lands located on the southern arm of Argentino Lake, which years later would become the current Los Glaciares National Park. He settled around 20,000 hectares and, in partnership with a group of compatriots, founded the ranch “La Jerónima”, where they raised sheep and had an incipient bovine production, following the cattle raising boom that was developing at that time in Santa Cruz.
In 1924, during a trip to Río Gallegos, he met María Martinic, a young Croatian compatriot whom he married the following year and had four children: Adolfo, who died a year and a half later; Radoslava, nicknamed Niní; Ángela, nicknamed Bebe; and María, nicknamed Porota.
After Santiago’s death, his wife renamed the ranch “Nibepo Aike”, where “Aike” means “Place of” and “Nibepo” comes from Niní, Bebe and Porota.

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We preserve the essence of the old Patagonian ranches