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Los Baguales Trekking

A landscape that speaks to us

On foot through the Patagonian immensity, you’ll be able to walk through the corners of Nibepo Aike Residence, surrounded by the wild beauty of the Baguales mountain range, until you reach the hidden glaciers.

A trekking of 3 days and 2 nights, with an overnight stay in a post of the ranch that will serve as a shelter and where you can live an authentic Patagonian rural experience, ending the tour with the excursion Glaciar Sur Aventura.

The Baguales are those domestic animals that have escaped from man to return to nature. This hill bears their name because some wild horses and cows still roam this remote spot

What’s the route like?

Day 1: We’ll walk along the southern arm of Argentino Lake up to the Laguna 3 de Abril Post, where we will spend the night.

Day 2: The Baguales mountain range, with views of the hidden glaciers and Frías Lake, the erratic rock up to Corazón Lagoon.

Day 3: We embark on the Glaciar Sur Aventura excursion to reach the hidden glaciers, a 14km trek along the bed of what used to be the Frías River. We return to Nibepo Aike, navigating the South Arm.

Important Information

Available from December to March.


  • Spanish/English bilingual guide, all meals and lodging at Laguna 3 de Abril Post, regular transfer in/out from/to El Calafate.
  • Laguna 3 de Abril Post: this post has two rooms. A room with 2 bunk beds and a single bed (5 people) and a room that serves as a dining room and kitchen where there are two more benches that can be transformed into beds. In another smaller room a few meters away there’s another bunk bed and a bathroom with shower.

*The excursion operated by Glaciar Sur is subject to cancellation by the company in case of bad weather.

We preserve the essence of the old Patagonian ranches