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Over 100 years ago, a Croatian pioneer found his place on earth in these lands near the borders. Nowadays, after four generations, the very same family still runs the estancia and its rural activity. However, nowadays, they do not raise as many sheep as they used to, but breed Hereford cattle as well. Here, rural activity with the horses, cattle or herd, never stops, despite the snow or the cold weather. Hard work at the 12,000 hectares of mountains and nature, with the privileged landscape on the shores of the Argentino Lake.

Adolfo Jansma has been in charge of the Hereford cattle for more than 35 years. He won several times the “Big Champion Macho Polled Hereford”. The estancia participates in the genetic evaluation program, which requires a very specific selection process of the calves.

The pure registered 200 cows benefit from the best pasture along the banks of the southern arm, where they never lack water or feeding. By December, female cows are inseminated with imported genetic from the large estancias from Buenos Aires province.
A stay at the estancia is the best way to know more about Hereford cattle breeding in this austral latitude.

Dawn at Nibepo Aike. The estancia wakes up with the first sunlight. The day starts with the cow milking and the sheep herding. Two sheep stay at the estancia for the daily shearing demonstration. Subject to the season, there may be diverse activities of horses and cows. The day is over at sunset, when the herd is back at the farmyard, protected from the dangerous puma.

An authentic Patagonian estancia whose owners had the will to host travelers from the beginning. The fourth generation keeps the tradition with the door open and a warm welcome.

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Nibepo Aike keeps the essence of the original Patagonian estancias.
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